Cette traduction est plus ancienne que la page originale et est peut-être dépassée. Voir ce qui a changé.
Cette traduction est plus ancienne que la page originale et est peut-être dépassée. Voir ce qui a changé.
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Table des matières

2014-03-01 New release

fix: crazy moves.

add: missing help translations.

add: allow load branding info from portable.xml.

add: dehardcode weapons id for auto switching weapons.

add: remove all depericated manaserv code.

add: remove support for external guichan.

2014-02-15 New release

fix: friends tab update in social window.

fix: windows resizing for smaller screen size.

fix: displaying scale value.

fix: autocomplete commands in party and guild tabs.

fix: guild and party tab help.

fix: dyecmd with non standard 32 bit images.

add: actions for next/prev tab in shortcuts window.

add: actions for next/prev tab in commands window.

add: action for open trade window.

add: start attributes for abmient layers.

add: all emotes in crazy moves a.

add: crazy moves command for pet emotes.

add: diagonal directions for crazy moves.

add: select unselectable npc if mod key pressed.

add: map layer replacment (for mods).

2014-02-01 New release

fix: pet talk in trade tab if disabled.

fix: screenshot directory editing.

fix: paths into tools in OpenBSD and FreeBSD.

add: show emote id in emotes.

add: attack action to pets.

add: /dumpmods command.

add: commands for upload config and log into pastebin.

add: screen scale in OpenGL modes.

2014-01-18 New release

fix: npc font option.

fix: job bar showing in new installs.

fix: input actions before logging to game.

fix: icon under windows.

fix: block moving keys in buy/sell dialogs.

fix: logging in threads.

fix: reload background image if connecting to different servers.

fix: rainbow colors with utf8 chars and smiles.

fix: crash with external guichan in chat.

add: chinese locale and font support.

add: most client data configs splits/patching by other configs.

add: mods support.

add: in input fields for ctrl+left, ctrl+right.

add: update dejavu fonts.

add: multiply pets for one owner at same time.

add: autoclose npc dialog by moving keys if it almost closed.

add: show date time and server name in screenshot file names.

add: create screenshots before connecting to game.

add: allow edit screenshot path (not in windows).

add: change screenshot default path to pictures directory.

2014-01-04 New release

fix: draw background for very small objects.

fix: sound event selection.

fix: split utf8 strings in npc dialog menu.

fix: being popups height.

fix: over head text draw order.

fix: configs saving while switching characters.

add: extend progress bar theming.

add: client side pets support.

add: improve performance in renderers.

add: basic config auto backups.

2013-12-22 New release

fix: bot checker window in some themes.

fix: tabbed area resizing.

fix: chat window resizing with enabled color picker.

fix: multi line motd messages in “new” tmw server.

add: allow replace body/race sprite by equipped item.

add: extend theming.

add: allow set small size for shortcuts windows.

add: golden-delicious theme by t3st3r.

add: in updater window cut long news.

add: show emotes in over head text.

add: npc window title change from server script.

add: ability to give more than one item to npc (evol only).

add: addition attributes for ambient layer.

2013-11-24 New release

fix: compilation with SDL2.

fix: compilation with libc++.

fix: language tab (evol only).

fix: shortcuts in input fields in SDL2.

fix: SDL2 default renderer.

fix: possible fix to incomplete chat messages in “new” tmw server.

add: item particles.

add: update mplus fonts.

add: option to enable/disable tile animations.

add: improve sprites update speed.

2013-11-10 New release

fix: crash with broken OpenGL functions.

fix: item amount in trade in selling into personal shop.

fix: char replacment for sender in whispers.

fix: char deletion.

fix: images in did you know dialog.

fix: motd show/hide option in “new” tmw server.

fix: edit dialog theming.

fix: renadomly wrong windows background in software renderer.

fix: storage between changing chars.

add: map layers mask support.

add: save outfits into config after each change.

add: initial porting to nacl.

add: temporaty background music given by server. (evol only).

add: dyecmd tool for content developers.

add: action “move forward”.

add: improve slider draw speed.

add: option into features file to enable/disable follow.

add: improve libxml2 error logging.

add: configure option –without-internalsdlgfx to disable emdedded sdl2gfx (SDL2 only).

add: basic porting to nacl.

add: progress bar while loading in SDL2 on Android and nacl.

2013-10-27 New release

fix: drawing complex gui in Android.

fix: text fields on SDL2.

fix: input on Android on SDL2.

add: new in chat emotes.

add: emotes button near chat input line.

add: extend chat window theming.

add: context menu for buy/sell items.

add: option to show/hide server motd.

2013-10-12 New release

fix: custom update server selection.

fix: crash with rename map object.

fix: crash if close game with opened select char dialog.

fix: players version in online list in ARM systems.

fix: store button if item was protected.

fix: not allow drag and drop protected items.

fix: equipment menu draw order.

fix: code::blocks project file for windows.

add: show SDL version in client version.

add: browser opening with SDL2 on Android.

add: onscreen buttons 3×3, 4×2, 4×3

add: legacy target selection images in mana theme.

add: gm detection in online list on “new” tmw server.

add: command to dump OpenGL vendor: /dumpgl

add: support for /me command inside /away command.

add: sound effect for equip, unequip, use, pickup, drop, take, put events.

add: allow scrolling listboxes by hold and move mouse/finger.

add: remember sort order in inventory, storage, buy dialog.

add: label string cutting in player selection and creation dialogs.

add: hide “did you know” window on Android by default.

add: emulate right click on Android and SDL2 by hold two fingers.

add: invert scrolling on Android.

add: show numbers on onscreen buttons.

add: improve header and footer in help window.

add: improve network performance a bit.

add: extend browserbox theming.

add: update liberation font.

add: help button before connecting to server.

2013-09-29 New release

fix: closing equipment window.

fix: possible memory leaks.

fix: sound memory leaks.

fix: best mode detection.

fix: auction bot integration loading.

add: ability to heal nearest player (by left shift + C)

add: map heights.

add: online/offline messages in party tab.

add: android make file (Android.mk)

add: allow use only actual window size on Android.

add: set frequesnce to 44100.

add: hide mouse cursor on Android.

2013-09-15 New release

fix: compilation on some systems.

fix: windows resize in SDL2.

fix: delay flag in die sount.

fix: missing country flags in windows builds.

fix: help translations in windows builds.

fix: animated tiles in CSV map formats.

add: SDL2 default renderer mode.

add: improve perfomance in SDL2 software renderer.

add: improve setup input actions window.

add: updated liberation font.

add: improver draw speed.

add: drag and drop for equipment window.

add: icon in protected items.

add: separate drop and protect context menu items.

add: server side full move path (evol only).

add: diagonal move speed (can be disabled for players).

add: globals filter by name.

by default messages ignored from “Sagatha”

add: atlas for common images usage like particle effects.

add: server check version for “new” tmw server.

add: disable some removed features for “new” tmw server.

2013-09-01 New release

fix: S/a dye for big endian systems.

fix: some typos.

fix: different crashes if corrupted data files.

fix: compilation not from top directory.

add: improve software mode draw speed.

add: improve S/A dye speed.

add: target cursors animations.

add: SDL2 build mode.

add: show npc name in npc dialog caption.

add: open help window before logging into game.

2013-08-18 New release

fix: money label position in status window.

fix: shorted long key names.

fix: outline color issues.

add: color and font tabs in chat emotes window.

add: resize and icons in chat emotes window.

add: autocomplete in chat for online list.

add: giving item to npc. (evol only)

add: counter in social window.

2013-08-04 New release

fix: allow buy protected items.

add: option for hp bar offset.

add: sprite actions depen on tile type (evol only).

add: chat emotes.

for open use f1 inside chat.

add: improve a bit memory usage.

2013-07-21 New release

fix: background gradients in default theme.

add: stats display from items.xml for non number values.

add: configuration with death messages.

add: player context menu for gms.

add: chat command to select and create any items /createitems.

add: option to disable/enable double click support.

add: support for actual keys and tabulation help/npc windows.

add: show job level in job popup.

add: support name offsets for monsters/npcs.

2013-07-07 New release

fix: buttons in character selection dialog.

fix: switch login button.

fix: some checkboxes visualisation in video setting tab.

fix: drawbefore/drawafter options in items.xml for non evol servers.

fix: crash in close with opened storage window.

fix: crash with broken default files and client data.

fix: resize issue in chat tabs.

add: protected items.

add: multi lines in menu in npc dialog.

add: logging debug chat tab (disabled).

add: support page link if server error happend.

add: drag and drop in almost all existing windows.

2013-06-23 New release

fix: S and A dye channels order.

fix: padding in listbox.

add: support for player look (evol only).

add: support for monster look (evol only).

add: copy to clipboard in npc dialog.

add: level attribute in items.xml.

add: update mplus fonts.

2013-06-09 New release

fix: colors in jewelry theme.

fix: player sprite in disguise mode.

fix: spell attack key.

fix: some inventory crashes.

fix: space button in edit server dialog.

fix: wrong animation time with goto and label.

add: money popup in inventory.

add: include tags in most configs.

add: drag and drop between inventory and other windows.

add: chat command for testing particle effects: /testparticle

add: alternate server name in servers list.

add: improve windows version speed.

add: remove “server:” from chat notifications.

2013-05-26 New release

fix: char selection dialog if screen is big.

fix: resources reloading if switching servers.

fix: invisible exp messages with software renderer.

add: load avatars from avatars.xml.

add: show onscreen keyboard if input field selected.

add: popup in char selection dialog.

add: selection chars by double click.

add: features configuration file.

add: new commands in particle effects.

add: option to prevent selling items without confirmation.

add: updated jewelry theme.

add: chat commands to enable/disable sound hightlight in tab.

add: chat command for drop, move, set home etc.

2013-05-12 New release

fix: update host issue after registering on evol server.

fix: outline colors in pink theme.

add: improve character selection window

add: default different font sizes in different screen density.

add: different options depend on screen density.

add: option for override screen density.

add: small and big font sizes from 8 to 23

add: extend outlining to all controls.

add: some new colors in themes.

add: themes update.

add: installer script for tmw windows build.

2013-04-28 New release

add: delay for hurt sound.

add: support for GIMP palettes.

add: separate time delays for emotes.

add: improve perfomance in SDLFont class.

add: update mplus fonts.

add: ability to close chat tab. (left shift + right click).

add: per server special location for online list.

2013-04-14 New release

fix: login dialog size with some localizations.

fix: big http links in chat.

fix: unstackable items sell.

fix: random rare crashes in closing windows.

add: option for move players names in map.

add: sound effects in notifications.

add: animated emotes.

add: animated effects for effects.xml.

add: turkish language and translation.

add: improve perfomance.

add: improve latency in linux versions.

add: option to left all per map sprites in memory.

2013-03-31 New release


fix: talking text position.

fix: mumble configure parameter.

fix: per server settings update.

fix: custom repeat interval.

add: improve map loading speed.

add: language chat tab (evol only).

add: improve speed.

add: restore auction bot support.

add: disable more particles if particle egine disabled.

2013-03-17 New release


fix: key repeat time calculation.

fix: incorrect map loading on server switching.

fix: sefault on exit with help switch.

fix: status icons draw posiiton.

add: chat command /cleangraphics to clean graphics cache.

add: chat command /cleanfonts to clean fonts cache.

add: chat command /execute to execute external programs.

add: in debug window field “target type”.

add: different npc effects depend on quest statuses (evol only).

add: option to enable/disable weight notifications.

2013-03-03 New release


fix: guild tab update in guild bot integration.

fix: http links in windows.

fix: incorrect chars in links.

fix: name signs update.

fix: password change issue with empty players list.

fix: skills and stats conflict.

fix: command line parameters.

fix: map arrows images draw.

add: enable some aditinal feature on tmw like servers.

add: help seach links: /url ?word

add: option to show hide guil online messages.

add: gm tab for gms and @wgm command output.

add: away particle effect.

add: pseudo skills based on quest variables (evol only)

add: particle effect to skill levelup.

2013-02-17 New release


fix: inventory sorting

fix: initial setup window resize issue.

fix: some windows size on small screens.

fix: onscreen buttons and positions.

fix: resize issue in online list.

fix: configuration for onscreen buttons 3 and 4.

fix: crash with particle effects.

add: browser support on android.

add: support for scrolling popup menus.

add: allow hide yellow bar and hide it by default.

add: unassign default key for “change move type”.

add: google play url in update message for Android version.

add: onscreen buttons default size depend on resolution.

add: extend theming.

add: adjust on screen buttons positions and padding.

add: close buttons to some windows.

add: enable job support by default.

add: on Android by default hide chat color picker.

add: dont hide top right buttons on small screens.

add: browser support in android version.

add: close buttons to some windows.

add: enable job support by default.

add: improve font cache cleaning.

add: improve network code speed.

add: https links support.

add: extend theming.

add: improve speed.

2013-02-03 New release


fix: crash on closing before entering into game.

fix: sounds in broken quests (evol only)

fix: context menu in chat window.

fix: erase action for guild members.

fix: draw most left tiles in visible map.

fix: empty lines support in news.

fix: possible crash in skills dialog.

fix: first time map loading after registration.

fix: minimal windows size for very small resolutions.

fix: setup window resize.

add: show better ping if response slow.

add: show colored party and guild members in online list.

add: extend listbox theming.

add: increase default soft fps limit for Android to 100.

add: texture compression format selection.

add: option for autoresize minimaps.

add: loading default music files for each maps.

add: support for selecting char by click in chars selection dialog.

add: new tips.

add: sort option to buy dialog from players.

add: default avatars support for npcs.

2013-01-20 New release


fix: macosx fixes.

fix: collision masks.

fix: crash on exit on windows.

fix: minor changes in black&black theme.

fix; servers deletion from servers list.

fix: language selection in last ubuntu.

fix: environment variables usage.

fix: different game sound fixes.

fix: shortcuts window resize issue in software draw mode.

add: extend theming.

add: http registrations in register dialog.

add: updated jewelry theme.

add: support for outlined texts in some windows and controls.

add: show flag icons in language selection list.

add: chat command to dump environment variables (/dumpe)

add: open broweser in MacOSX.

add: popup menu for text fields.

add: for sound “strike” alias “miss”.

add: different sounds from different weapons.

add: option to show/hide onscreen keyboard.

add: actions for onscreen buttons (touch tab).

add: configurable number of onscreen buttons.

add: talk to very close npc by only talk key (T).

add: better stats line in copy to chat stats.

add: context menu for hyper links.

add: detect joystick button.

2012-12-23 New release


fix: reset in memory password if password was wrong.

fix: dont show opengl restart mesasge in settings under Android.

fix: image particles alpha property.

fix: equipment window selection draw.

fix: mouse move events under Android.

fix: possible crash in rename nav point dialog.

fix: by default disable texture compression.

add: settings page for onscreen controls.

add; show trading partner nick in trade error messages.

add: replace drop down listboxes to popup lists.

add: different skills for each skill level.

add: description to skills.

add: option to disable gamma correction.

add: new default wallpaper.

add: option for log input events.

add: update mplus fonts.

2012-12-09 New release


fix: relative mouse moving for Android.

fix: show chat history option.

fix: MacOSX compilation.

add: email in registration dialog (evol only).

add: enable jewelry theme by default for evol branding.

add: improve OpenGL draw speed.

add: protect chat focus by default.

add: basic on screen buttons for Android version.

2012-11-25 New release


fix: some fixes in jewelry theme.

fix: disable some popups in Android version.

fix: drops window cleaning.

fix: missing themes in windows installer.

fix: random incorrect beings draw order.

add: show/hide on screen keyboard on Android.

add: attack human chat command (by Travolta)

command: /atkhuman

add: extend theming.

add: onscreen joystick.

add: improve OpenGL draw speed.

add: persistend directories under Android.

2012-11-11 New release


fix: resolution switching under Android with OpenGL.

fix: guichan draw lines under ARM.

fix: some fixes in jewelry theme.

fix: translations under Android.

fix: ok dialog size.

fix: disable video mode autodetection under Android.

fix: chat log if switch game characters.

fix: crash with empty relations list.

fix: game termination under Android by using “home” key.

fix: minimaps loading.

add: close button in android version.

add: extend theming.

add: select maximum resolution under Android.

add: highlight window header with “*” if got new chat messages.

2012-10-28 New release


fix: some ARM fixes.

fix: open/close sounds for some windows.

fix: texture memory usage.

add: extend theming.

add: some changes for android support.

add: mobile OpenGL backend.

add: jewelry by Hal9000 (incomplete)

add: info button with information about selected theme.

add: option to disable/enable screensaver.

add: OpenGL logging support.

add: new cursor types.

add: new cursor images. (by Hal9000)

add: cursor selection for different items, monsters, npcs.

2012-10-14 New release


fix: monsters particle effects attacks.

fix: chat window resize cursor.

fix: popups sizes.

fix: chat logs command line paramter.

fix: shortcuts while buy dialog is open.

add: texture atlases support.

add: improve draw speed.

add: some OpenGL extensions support.

add: sound effects for open/close windows.

add: extend theming.

add: additinal monster attack particle effects.

add: imporve map draw in fast OpenGL mode.

add: set additional OpenGL settings from video detection.

add: double click in buy/sell dialogs.

2012-09-30 New release


fix: minimap size with long map name.

fix: possible crash.

fix: empty space between screen buttons.

add: improved speed.

add: extend theming.

add: double click in npc dialog.

add: monsters offset sort parameters.

2012-09-16 New release


fix: non cycle player select.

fix: color in equipment window.

fix: fix hair color palete switching (evol).

fix: horizontal lines draw in software mode.

fix: navigation commands.

fix: partial items load in player selection dialog.

fix: on the fly resize in windows in software mode.

fix: cmake install action.

add: extend theming.

add: improve OpenGL speed.

add: show question dialog before opening urls.

add: improved inventory look.

add: improved speed.

2012-09-02 New release


fix: show special message in window header while doing video test.

fix: possible fix non standart update ports on windows.

add: show clickable update links in news window.

add: reenable add special chars in chat by char codes.

Example: test&33;

add: extend replace/reorder sprites.

add: extend theme colors.

add: improve OpenGL draw speed.

add: improve perfomance.

2012-08-19 New release


fix: enable italian translation.

fix: remember checkbox in login dialog.

fix: background in buy/sell dialogs.

fix: possible crash.

add: extend theming.

add: extend outfits to 4×4 cells and add equip button.

add: connect button to edit server dialog.

add: units separator.

by default separator is space.

add: sounds for new/complete quests.

add: hightlight gms in online list with color and letters (GM).

add: enable best video mode autodetection under linux.

add: enable FBO under windows.

add: npc cycle select.

2012-08-05 New release


fix: colors in speech buuble.

fix: emote shortcuts default size.

fix: radio button images in wood theme.

fix: guild bot message delay.

fix: unassign key action.

add: open urls in browser.

add: chat command /url LINK

put url link in chat.

add: chat command /openurl LINK

open url in browser.

add: equipment button in inventory.

add: key for disable full screen mode.

add: support for images in npc menu.

add: new font dejavu serif condensed.

add: extend background theming.

add: quests window (evol only).

2012-07-22 New release


fix: allow moving with opened buy/sell dialogs by mouse.

fix: not allow moving with opened storage window.

add: changed themes storing.

add: enable by default pickup particle messages.

add: removed emote popup window.

add: audio fallback from unsupported modes.

add: dye type A. Same with S but also using alpha channel.

add: close button for npc dialog while it show menu.

add: some new swords to auto equip list.

add: mode “(B) attack range - 1”.

add: show level in experience bar popup.

2012-07-08 New release


fix: allow enter in qestion mark.

fix: crashes with corrupted data.

fix: some memory leaks.

add: basic support for eathena stable.

add: maps without client data (without tmx).

add: special npc font. (by default 13px size)

add: increase npc window default size.

add: popup menu option all except 1.

add: npc avatars (for evol only).

add: floor item attribute for max pixel offset.

2012-06-24 New release


fix: scrolling big text in texfields.

fix: npc selection by mouse.

fix: animated tiles animation speed.

add: profiler to manaplus for windows.

add: improved perfomance in manaplus for windows.

add: double click support to storage and inventory.

add: help seach commands (command ?text).

Example: ?download

add: help pages updated.

add: delayed image load for OpenGL modes.

add: delay to update image in software mode.

2012-06-10 New release


fix: incorrect animation (hair bug).

fix: keys conflict in login dialog.

fix: kill stats on levelup.

fix: stay animation in beings without dead animation.

add: player relations to whisper chat context menu.

add: per hair style own palete (evol).

add: sittop animation (evol).

add: ground top collision flag (evol).

add: hide botchecker button by default.

add: improve image loading in OpenGL renderers.

add: improve dye speed.

add: footer to help window.

add: per server news in help window.

add: use actual desktop dir for screenshots in linux.

add: to npc option to disallow select npc.

2012-05-27 New release


fix: tips translations.

fix: joystick repeat key presses.

fix: minimap show/hide on windows.

fix: dehardcode some old paths.

add: button detect best video mode (windows only).

add: autodetect best video mode at first start.

add: disable by default autofix position.

add: prevent from healing enemies.

add: option to hide nick for erased players.

2012-05-12 New release


fix: keys for Next chat line/previous chat line.

fix: autologin from command line.

fix: move shortcuts windows.

add: timeout option between connections to servers.

add: pickup filter.

add: replace obsolete opengl code.

add: custom autorepeat for some actions.

add; option for auto attack next target if attack was not cancelled.

Disabled by default.

2012-04-29 New release


fix: bluring setting apply.

fix: split long lines in kill stats window.

fix: actions translation.

fix: vsync setting.

fix: improved in game visible position calculation.

add: keyboard repeat setting.

add: split input settings to tabs.

add: separate configurable shorcuts for emotes, shorcuts, move to target.

add: deharcode gui input keys.

add: improve keyboard handling in some dialogs.

add: autoclean configuration file from old keys.

add: option to center window on screen (windows, osx).

add: audio frequency and channels options to audio tab.

add: particle physics setting. (normal by default).

add: for OpenGL add option to enable/disable texture compression.

add: for OpenGL add option to enable/disable rectangular textures support.

add: in debug window add LPS counter near FPS.

add: write to log OpenGL info.

add: support for server independent updates.

add: improve perfomance.

add: update mplus font.

2012-04-15 New release


fix: cancel update fix.

fix: multiple conflicts between windows and game keys.

fix: random crash in chat update.

fix: possible crash after connecting to game.

fix: assign keys before connecting to game.

fix: cmake build flags.

add: proxy support for download updates.

add: change autohide buttons to three state (hide/show/hide in small resolution).

add: show client version in game window header.

add: clear in drops window context menu.

add: improve fill rectange speed in software mode.

add: option for enable disable textures blurring.

by default enabled.

add: allow assign 3 keys or joystick buttons to any action.

add: unselect item in inventory if it was added to other windows.

add: extend sdl unknown keys for usage in any actions.

2012-04-01 New release


fix: validate assigned keys on load.

fix: animated tiles drawing in opengl modes.

fix: copy to clipboard.

fix: chat item links.

fix: online list auto update after error.

fix: outfits items adding/removing.

add: multi language help.

add: protect autocomplete from evil nicks.

add: theme blacknblack (kook).

add: redesign input handling.

add: extend xml animation tags.

add: autohide buttons on top right corner.

add: autohide chat window if inactive (disabled by default).

add: remove packet limits for changing direction.

2012-03-18 New release


fix: minimaps scrolling with moving camera.

fix: context menu in outfits window.

fix: shortcuts creation in windows portable version.

fix: volume in afk mode if was disconnect from server.

add: many update hosts. (evol only)

add: dye mode S.

add: support for unknown for SDL keys bindings.

add: basic skills actions.

add: allow add skills to shortcuts bar.

add: per race equipment sprites.

add: remove second “equip” button.

add: neutral other gender.

2012-03-04 New release


fix: loading client data translations.

fix: display translated xp+job messages.

fix: default paramters value.

fix: last frame delay in dead sprite actions.

fix: don’t show errors for missing emotes.

fix: drawing big minimaps.

fix: ignore shortcuts keys in npc menu and in inventory.

fix: npc menu keyboard navigation.

fix: default npc dialog size.

fix: some copyrights.

fix: possible crashes.

add: visual settings page.

add: option to grab input.

add: move some settings and new to page visual in settings.

add: different sound effects for different messages.

can be configured in audio settings page.

add: resize minimaps.

add: context menu for minimaps.

add: gdb to windows build.

add: show latest client version in update news.

add: option for creating screenshots with FBO.

add: update liberation fonts.

2012-02-19 New release


add: client data translations (items, etc).

add: increased max value for drop counter from 9 to 30.

add: chat command /setdrop N. to set drop counter from scripts.

add: hide map layers feature.

add: show gms with green color in online list (evol server).

add: relative position for floor items (item drops).

add: option to enable/disable grouping friends in online list.

add: enable chat logging by default.

add: set default max chat lines to 40.

add: update windows libs.

add: center game on screen in windows and osx.

add: race name to status and debug windows.

add: update liberation and mplus fonts.

2012-02-05 New release


fix: particle font in japan localisation.

fix: some untranslated strings.

fix: possible crash after switching servers.

fix: option “attack range” in evol server.

fix: drop counter with enabled “buggy servers protection”.

fix: empty custom update server.

add: request client language from server. (evol server)

add: moving camera by npc commands. (evol server)

add: evol branding in windows installer.

add: extended online list. (evol server)

add: redesign char creation dialog.

add: resize window from video settings tab.

add: option to enable/disable window resize.

add: option to show/hide window frame border.

add: 3 new emotes by (Nina O’Reilly)

add: support for 48 emotes.

add: redesign servers list dialog, using new server editor.

add: increase login dialog size.

add: use translation for description in servers dialog.


fix: infinite character selection with command line parameter –character

add: resize update window.

add: separate server editor.

add: possible improve loading images/music.

add: game window resize.

2012-01-22 Nouvelle version lancée


fix: bad update hosts handling.

fix: possible crashes.

fix: player name checking in logging.

fix: default shortcuts window size.

fix: player and mob hp bar in evol server.

fix: mouse pickup logic.

fix: adding double attributes to status window.

fix: ambient layer drawing in safe opengl mode.

add: increase resize and moving areas in shortcut window and other similar windows.

add: friends tab in social window.

add: load all servers from list in server dialog.

2012-01-08 Nouvelle version lancée


fix: -s command line parameter.

fix: restore GL_PACK_ALIGNMENT after creating screenshots in opengl modes

fix: rare crash with reconnecting to different servers.

fix: color for /me messages in wood theme.

fix: crash in chat autocomplete if no active tab in chat window.

fix: bold chat/npc text correction.

add: allow close npc dialog if script stopped with error.

add: clear outfit option in outfits context menu.

add: ability to test graphics and sound perfomance and stability.

Shortcut ManaPlus (test). Need close all other ManaPlus instances.

add: chat command /dumpt to dump last test values.

add: addiitional checks for unsecure chars combinations in players nicks.

add: allow use item replacment with empty from value.

This mean replace from any value.

add: remove “> Next” message from npc dialogs.

2011-12-25 Nouvelle version lancée


fix: increasing log file if client disconnected from network.

fix: memory leak in evol online list.

fix: enter some chars in inventory input box.

fix: some rare used packets.

fix: dont load move type from configuration file.

fix: create char dialog size.

fix: wrong auto adjusting perfomance after sleep mode.

add: last login time in char selection dialog.

add: update mplus font.

add: move target cursors to themes.

2011-12-11 Nouvelle version lancée


fix: draw damage part on hp bar.

fix: recursive directory creation on windows.

fix: text colors in wood theme.

fix: talk to npc key delay.

add: polish translation (Derpella).

add: server side online list (evol only).

add: copy any line from chat to clipboard.

add: use two clipboard in xserver.

add: gm commands autocomplete for gms.

add: to combined menus floor items.

add: variables for replacment in chat messages.

<PLAYER> - target or nearest player nick.

<MONSTER> - target or nearest monster name.

<PEOPLE> - comma separated list of visible players (except self).

<PARTY> - all party members (except self).

2011-11-27 New release


fix: show enemy relation in online list.

fix: dead monsters and floor items poisition.

fix: file name conflicts between skins and client data files.

add: update ru and es translations.

add: change chat log save path to yyyy-mm/dd/file.log.

add: support for incomplete replace tag for items for compotability with future version of mana.

add: background images for equipment window.

add: whisper player name in autocomplete list.

add: show yellow bar mode changes in debug chat tab.

add: limits for hair color and style for char creation dialog.

add: different animations depend on monster hp (only for evol).

2011-11-12 New release


fix: hide death message on reconnect.

fix: stop move after open npc dialog.

fix: disable incomplete hr, hy translations.

fix: self player ignore.

fix: double network error dialog.

fix: joystick support.

fix: random key press loses.

add: pseudo away.

Command: /pseudoaway text

add: enemy relation. (no any ignore, but mark player as enemy)

add: option for attack players in pvp “Switch pvp attack”. Default key not assigned

add: interface language selection.

Settings / Theme / Language.

add: Bold text type in chat. (To enable command ##B, to disable ##b)

Example: ##Bbold##b text.

add: update mplus fonts.

add: joystick selection, option for joystick usage only in active game.

add: enable joystick hat (if exists).

2011-10-30 New release


fix: disable autofix position for archer mode.

fix; hide password from packets log.

fix: replace tags without item id in items.xml.

fix: protect trades from some kind of abusing.

add: chat commands to use server side ignore for whispers:

Commands: /serverignoreall and /serverunignoreall

add: command for dump graphics and some other settings to chat.

Command: /dumpg

2011-10-16 New release


fix: particle effects Y position.

fix: resize in some dialogs.

fix: codeblocks project file.

fix: global messages sound highlight.

fix: last character selection with space in login dialog.

fix: fps if network error.

add: move to target mode for archers/mages.

add: blacklist relation.

add: reading real monsters attack range (in evol only).

add: option to show hide MVP messages.

add: update mplus fonts.

2011-10-02 New release


fix: inactive state.

fix: hide inventory filter if window too small.

fix: mouse selection.

fix: speed in targeting monsters.

fix: move to target in attack range.

add: comment for spells/commands.

add: split keyboard keys to groups.

add: chat or other windows scrolling with dragging mouse.

add: limits for stop attack packet.

add: show current experience after max level (for tmw after 99 level).

add: untarget key. it not stop attack but remove selection from current target.

add: amount field in buy dialog.

2011-09-18 Nouvelle version

ManaPlus :

correction : restore windows visible state after restart.

correction : players sorting in relation tab.

correction : configuration settings in first start.

correction : animation moving animation with mouse and some other.

correction : reorder sprites if disabled in settings.

correction : disable config copy from ancient tmw versions.

correction : autocomplete case.

correction : change player state from sit to stay if under attack.

correction : whisper errors detection.

correction : party members sorting.

ajout : options to configure lazy scrolling.

ajout : move by minimaps clicks.

ajout : copy text to clipboard by CTRL+C.

ajout : additional sorting to inventory: by weight, by amount, by type.

ajout : inventory filter by item name.

ajout : per window visual configuration in themes.

ajout : add item move to context menu for party members.

ajout : configuration buttons in initial game window.

ajout : theme unity (by Freya).

ajout : Czech (cs) translation (by Pitriss).

ajout : improve game speed.


correction : draw overlay in opengl mode.

2011-09-04 Nouvelle version


correction : compilation with different flags.

correction : possible fix with incorrect camera position.

correction : replace sprite issues.

correction : some crashes.

ajout : hightlight words list in chat.

ajout : many colors for themes.

ajout : alien emote (DerLoisl).

ajout : basic auction bot integration.

ajout : guild bot integration.

ajout : impore guild members list sorting.

ajout : auto download content fixes.

ajout : show guild members on minimap.

ajout : always show party members in minimap if on same map.

ajout : lock windows position (at top right window corner).

ajout : update mplus fonts.

ajout : attribute damage per second.

ajout : option to disable self heal with mouse.

2011-08-21 Nouvelle version


Correction : Mouvement a proximité d’un PNJ.

Correction : Crash dans les dialogues des serveurs si le bouton de chargement est appuyer deux fois.

Correction : Sauvegarde les onglets ouvert des chuchotements.

Correction : Cache/montre la fenetre de paramètre pour les raccourcis clavier.

Correction : Montre le signe de boutique sur les joueurs seulement si la boutique est activé et si elle n’est pas vide.

Correction : Defillement automatique de la conversation.

Correction : Mode pour changer de l’arc vers le couteau.

Correction : Limites d’ajout d’objets durant un echange.

Correction : Performance avec PNJ invisible.

Ajout : auto improve perfomance by disabling different draphics features.

Ajout : perfomance tab. most perfomance related settings moved to this tab.

Ajout : new perfomance related options to perfomance tab.

Ajout : split players setup tab to relations and players.

Ajout : ability to add comments to npcs.

Ajout : option to hide ip addresses on screen shots.

Ajout : warp menu item navigation points menu (for gms only).

Ajout : copy to chat button in status window to copy player stats to chat.

Ajout : enable auto switching to janapese font if used japan locale.

Ajout : update dejavu and mplus fonts.

Ajout : updated translations.

2011-08-07 Nouvelle version


Correction : Durée de l’animation d’attaque du joueur.

Correction : Probleme d’opacité polyvalente dans les sprites complexes en mode logiciel.

Correction : Compilation en mode manaserv.

Correction : Ajuste le temps d’attente avant de coller le texte suivant. Possibilité de fixer un probleme de multi-copie.

Ajout : Améliore la performance dans les caches complexes des sprites en mode logiciel.

Ajout : Améliore la performance avec la transparence activée.

Ajout : Differentes touches dans la zone d’écriture.

Ctrl+b Même que la touche gauche

Ctrl+f Même que la touche droite

Ctrl+d Même que la touche retour

Ctrl+h Même que la touche espace

Ctrl+e Aller à la fin

Ctrl+k Retire tout à la fin du curseur

Ctrl+u Retire tout à partir du curseur

Ctrl+w Retire le mot

2011-05-29 Nouvelle version


Correction : Infinite paste.

Correction : Enlever la position de base avec la sourie.

Correction : Chemin utilisé lors de rencontre de collisions spéciales.

Correction : Surbrillance de la somme d’argent lors d’un échange si la somme est changée et inférieure à l’antérieure.

Ajout : Positionné le thème “Classique” en thème par défaut. Nom du thème par défaut changé pour “Mana”.

Ajout : Support pour image dans la fenêtre aide.

Ajout : Type de server Evol (fontionne maintenant de la même façon que tmw)

Ajout : Option dans le menu contextuel objet pour voir les équipements portés par les joueurs “Montrer les objets” (exemple : trèfle,…).

Ajout : Mise à jour des traductions.

Ajout : Traduction Finlandaise complète (Byakushin).

Ajout : Echange sécurisé contre certaines façons de tricher lors de l’échange.

Ajout : Montrer les options de dialogue dans les bulles. Le temps dépend de la taille du message.

2011-05-15 Nouvelle version


Correction : Ciblage des montres automatique si ces monstres ont été ajoutés à la liste des priorités de ciblage monstre et si l’option “entourer les monstres sélectionnés” n’est pas cochée.

Correction : Amélioration du nettoyage du cache de texte.

Correction : Taille de l’onglet de dialogue incorrecte lorsque la ligne d’entrée de ligne de dialogue est cachée.

Ajout : Demande du mot de passe avant d’éliminer un personnage.

Ajout : Sauvegarde des filtres d’attaque.

Ajout : Mise à jour des polices japonaises.

Ajout : Amélioration des mouvements effectués avec la sourie.

Ajout : Traduction en espagnol des fichiers d’aide.

Ajout : Zone de collision air et eau (incompatible avec tmw).

2011-05-01 Nouvelle Version

ManaPlus :

Correction : Quelques contrôle de dessin provenant du mode SDL du programme.

Correction : Dessins d’objet de cartes. (incompatible avec les cartes tmw).

Correction : Valeur par défaut pour les premières installations.

Correction : Crash avec des cartes incorrectes.

Ajout : Enregistrement conversation en mode absence.

Ajout : Filtre d’attaque.

Nouvel onglet dans la fenêtre Social.

Nouvelle commande de dialogue /addattack, /removeattack, /addignoreattack

Ajout : Reset barre jaune dans le menu contextuel objet.

Ajout : Fichier spec pour distros rpm (mageia).

Mana :

Ajout : Atténuation progressive de la musique.

2011-04-17 Nouvelle version

ManaPlus :

Correction : Dans le menu de l’inventaire sur la fonction ajouter dans l’échange.

Correction : Message d’erreur dans le cas où la liste des mises a jour a des espaces (comme le fait parfois Aethyra).

Correction : Message de support de manaserv évités. Par défaut toutes les compilations évite les mises à jour manaserv.

Correction : Bouton pour équiper ou retirer dans l’inventaire.

Correction : Protection de possible spam sur les message de ramassage d’objets.

Correction : Montrer les objets inconnus dans l’inventaire.

Ajout : Passage de l’aide dans une fenêtre Aide.

Ajout : Compteurs de fichiers de mise a jour.

Ajout : Liste de mots auto-remplissable. Placée dans customwords.txt

Ajout : Si la boite d’entrée est cachée, ne pas gâcher d’espace libre.

2011-04-03 Nouvelle version

ManaPlus :

Amélioration : Rapidité d’OpenGL.

Amélioration : Mise à jour des traductions en russe, portugais, brésilien, français et espagnol.

Ajout : Les pseudos peuvent être enlevés à partir du menu de contextuel. Très utile pour les robots comme les robots de guilde par exemple.

Ajout : Pas d’accès au menu contextuel de mode en absence dans les messages privés avec pour un joueur sélectionné.

Ajout : Sauvegarde des options de dialogue entre deux sessions.

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