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 ======Ubuntu and debian repository====== ======Ubuntu and debian repository======
 +If you using Ubuntu you also use instructions from [[ubuntu|Ubuntu repository]] page
 =====Add key===== =====Add key=====
   - Open terminal   - Open terminal
   - Download key<​code>​   - Download key<​code>​
 +rm 4144.asc
 wget http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus/​4144.asc wget http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus/​4144.asc
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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   - Select tab **Other Software**   - Select tab **Other Software**
   - Press **Add**   - Press **Add**
-  - Type:<​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus DIST main</​code>​ DIST is your distro name. All supported distros: <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus jaunty main</​code>​ or <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus karmic main</​code>​ or <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus lucid main</​code>​ or <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus maverick main</​code>​ or <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus natty main</​code>​ or <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus oneiric main</​code>​ or <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus lenny main</​code>​ or <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus squeeze main</​code>​ or <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus wheezy main</​code>​ or <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus sid main</​code>​+  - Type:<​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus DIST main</​code>​ DIST is your distro name. All supported distros: ​ 
 +  - <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus jaunty main</​code>​ or  
 +  - <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus karmic main</​code>​ or  
 +  - <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus lucid main</​code>​ or  
 +  - <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus maverick main</​code>​ or  
 +  - <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus natty main</​code>​ or  
 +  - <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus oneiric main</​code>​ or  
 +  - <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus lenny main</​code>​ or  
 +  - <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus squeeze main</​code>​ or  
 +  - <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus wheezy main</​code>​ or  
 +  - <​code>​deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus sid main</​code>​
   - Press **Reload**   - Press **Reload**
-  - Now you can install ​mana-4144 ​package.+  - Now you can install ​manaplus ​package.
 =====Install===== =====Install=====
 Run in terminal: <​code>​sudo aptitude install manaplus</​code>​ Run in terminal: <​code>​sudo aptitude install manaplus</​code>​
 +or <​code>​sudo apt-get install manaplus</​code>​
 or select and install in synaptic package **manaplus** or select and install in synaptic package **manaplus**
 =====Mirrors===== =====Mirrors=====
-Also you can use mirrors **http://​tmw.cetki.com/​mana** or **http://​4144.rootx.nl/mana** or **http://​manaplus.jonklo.net/mana**+Also you can use mirror ​**http://​4144.rootx.nl/​mana**
 Examples for maverick: Examples for maverick:
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 deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus maverick main deb http://​repo.evolonline.org/​manaplus maverick main
 deb http://​4144.rootx.nl/​mana maverick main deb http://​4144.rootx.nl/​mana maverick main
-deb http://​manaplus.jonklo.net/​mana maverick main 
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 ======Links====== ======Links======
-See also: [[screenshots]]+See also: [[ubuntu|Ubuntu repository]], ​[[screenshots]]
 [[http://​www.debian.org/​|Debian]],​ [[http://​www.ubuntu.com/​|Ubuntu]] [[http://​www.debian.org/​|Debian]],​ [[http://​www.ubuntu.com/​|Ubuntu]]