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skills.xml file format

This file describe skills.

Alternative file name ea-skills.xml compatible with old clients.

Example file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <set name="test">
        <skill var="1" name="quest 1" icon="graphics/skills/quest.png" description="Here quest example."/>
    <set name="Basic">
        <skill id="1" name="Emote" icon="graphics/skills/emote.png" description="You can share your mood." invokeCmd="/emote 1"/>
        <skill id="2" name="Trade" alwaysVisible="true"/>
        <skill id="3" name="Party" level="1" description="You can join a party."/>
        <skill id="3" name="Party" level="2" description="You can join and create a party."/>
    <set name="Magic">
        <skill id="19" name="Fire Ball" shortName="FB" particle="graphics/particles/fire-explosion.xml"/>
        <skill id="340" name="Magic" alwaysVisible="false" />
        <skill id="341" name="Life Magic"/>
        <skill id="342" name="War Magic"/>
        <skill id="343" name="Transmutation Magic"/>
        <skill id="344" name="Nature Magic"/>

Tag set describe page with skills

Parameter Description
nameskils page name

Tag skill describe skill itself

Parameter Description Comment
idskill idcan be missing if present var
varvariable id. Using quest variable as pseudo skillcan be missing if present id
levelset skill level for what this skill entry can be usedif missing entry used for any skill levels
nameskill name
descriptionskill descriptioncan be missing
iconskill iconcan be missing
shortNameshort skill nameused if add skill to shortcuts bar
particleparticle effect used while attack with skillcan be missing
soundHitskill hit soundcan be missing
soundHitDelayskill hit sound delaycan be missing
soundMissskill miss soundcan be missing
soundMissDelayskill miss sound delaycan be missing
invokeCmdfake skill action. For legacy server can be used as skill use/attackcan be missing
alwaysVisibleshow skill in skills window even if player not have this skilldefault value false
useButtonuse button textDefault is “use”
ownerskill owner: can be “player”, “mercenary”, “homunculus”Default is “player”
errorTextskill usage error textCan be missing
levelUpEffectIdParticle effect id if levelup happend. If missing or equal to -1, will be used variable from paths.xmlDefault is -1
removeEffectIdparticle effect id to play if skill was removedDefault -1
castingSrcEffectIdParticle effect played on casted skill sourceDefault -1
castingDstEffectIdParticle effect played on casted skill destinationDefault -1
castingActionPlayer action while casting skill by defaultDefault “cast”
castingRideActionPlayer action while casting skill and ridingDefault “cast”
castingSkyActionPlayer action while casting skill and located on air collision tileDefault “cast”
castingWaterActionPlayer action while casting skill and located on water collision tileDefault “cast”
useTextParameterAsk player about text parameter for casting skillcan be missing
hitEffectIdParitcle hit effectDefault -1
missEffectIdParitcle miss effectDefault -1