Social Window

Default key: F11

The social window provides an easy way to see who is in your party, guild, and players in your vicinity. It also gives you access to a gui for navigation features, and attack/targetting priorities. You can right click the names of players in the social tab, and if they are nearby, the context menu will be the same as the one
displayed when right clicking the player directly. The three buttons Create, Invite, and Leave at the top of the window correspond to parties.

The main tab

The default tab, labelled “P”, of the social window will display nearby players and the damage they take in combat.
This tab will also display the health of party members as sent by the server.

The navigation tab

The navigation tab, labelled “nav”, contains a list of map exits and other points of interest, and their associated
map coordinates. Clicking any of the points will navigate your character there.

The attack tab

The attack tab, labelled “atk”, displays priorities for attacking and targeting mobs. You can change the priority of a mob by right clicking it and selecting “add to priority attack list, add to attack list, or add to ignore list”. Adding a mob to the priority list will make targeting or attacking select this mob first. You can move a mob higher on the list to increase it’s priority over other monsters that have priority. Adding it to the ignore list will make the targeting and attacking ignore the mob entirely.