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 ======ManaPlus======= ======ManaPlus=======
-ManaPlus is a free OpenSource 2D MMORPG client ​for [[http://​evolonline.org/​|Evol Online]][[http://​www.themanaworld.org/​|The mana world]] and similar servers. +ManaPlus is a free OpenSource 2D MMORPG client, ​supports hercules, tmwAthena, evol.
- +
-At the moment ManaPlus is only fully supported client by [[http://​evolonline.org/​|Evol Online]][[http://​www.themanaworld.org/​|The mana world]], [[http://​landoffire.org/​|Land of fire (non free content)]] and other games. +
- +
-ManaPlus supports ​tmwAthena, evol, hercules.+
 \\ \\
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 [[Changelog]] [[Changelog]]
-======Download - Latest version: - Latest version:
 **[[ubuntu|Packages for ubuntu]]** **[[ubuntu|Packages for ubuntu]]**
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 Git [[http://​stats.manaplus.org/​stats/​index.html|Stats]] Git [[http://​stats.manaplus.org/​stats/​index.html|Stats]]
-Due gitlab.com moved to google cloud, some countries now blocked in gitlab.com and cant access ​to ManaPlus repository.+Due gitlab.com moved to google cloud, some countries now blocked in gitlab.com and people from this countries ​cant access ManaPlus repository.
-People from this countries ​can use one of mirrors ​from here:+To avoid gitlab.com/​google censorship ​can be used one of this mirrors:
   * https://​gitgud.io/​manaplus/​manaplus   * https://​gitgud.io/​manaplus/​manaplus
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 [[http://​www.themanaworld.org/​|The mana world home page]] [[http://​www.themanaworld.org/​|The mana world home page]]
 [[http://​wiki.themanaworld.org/​|Mana world wiki]] [[http://​wiki.themanaworld.org/​|Mana world wiki]]