Most windows can have own configuration file

If configuration file not found, then used default window.xml.

Know windows configurations

Window nameXml file
Being popupbeingpopup.xml
Bot Checker Windowbotchecker.xml
Buy dialogbuy.xml
Buy/sell windowbuysell.xml
Change email dialogchangeemail.xml
Change password dialogchangepassword.xml
Char select dialogchar.xml
Chat Windowchat.xml
Create character dialogcharcreate.xml
Confirm dialogconfirm.xml
Debug Windowdebug.xml
Did you know windowdidyouknow.xml
Drops windowdrops.xml
Edit dialogedit.xml
Emote popupemotepopup.xml
Emotes windowemotes.xml
Equipment windowequipment.xml
Help Windowhelp.xml
Inventory Windowinventory.xml
Item amount dialogamount.xml
Item popupitempopup.xml
Kill Stats Windowkillstats.xml
Minimap Windowmap.xml
Mini status windowministatus.xml
Npc post dialognpcpost.xml
Npc dialognpc.xml
Ok dialogok.xml
Online Listwhoisonline.xml
Player talk popupspeechbubble.xml
Registration dialogregister.xml
Trade windowtrade.xml
Login dialoglogin.xml
Outfits Windowoutfits.xml
Popup menupopupmenu.xml
Sell dialogsell.xml
Servers windowserver.xml
Setup Windowsetup.xml
Shop Windowshop.xml
Shortcuts Windowitems.xml
Skills Windowskills.xml
Social Windowsocial.xml
Special window (unused)specials.xml
Spell popupspellpopup.xml
Spells windowspells.xml
Spells and commands editorcommandeditor.xml
Status popupstatuspopup.xml
Status Windowstatus.xml
Text dialogtextdialog.xml
Text popuptextpopup.xml
Quit dialogquit.xml
Unregister dialogunregister.xml
Updates windowupdate.xml
Window nameconfiguration file
World select dialogworld.xml
Default windowswindow.xml
Default popupspopup.xml

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