Options bar

The “yellow bar” is located next to the experience bar. It becomes grey when it is locked (default key: [8] of keypad). When you move mouse over this bar, a contextual help window will appear:

Each letter or number in bar shows current mode of each parameter.

Each line in help relates to letter a letter or digit in yellow tab.

First char in brackets equals to the corresponding letter in yellow bar and shows current mode. A short current mode explanation comes after, then is the key to press to change this mode.

For example: (D) default moves [0], D is displayed in the bar, default moves is current move mode, [0] means you should press 0 on numeric keypad to change this option.


1. Move mode

Default key: [0] (num. pad)

Controls how character will be moved if you press keys up, down, left or right.


  • D - default mode, work like default client.
  • I - invert moves. If you move character, it move backward.
  • c - normal moves and crazy moves.
  • C - mostly crazy moves and some normal moves.
  • d - mostly normal moves and some crazy moves.

2. Crazy moves type

Default key: “\”

Options: various crazy moves (1 to 9), and user defined one (a)

3. Move to target distance

Default key: “.”

Allows character to move up to the given distance from the target. Used in automatic attack modes, in action move to target and in Follow mode.


  • 0, 1, 3, 5, 7: distance (in tiles unit).
  • a means attack range. (2 tiles for hand weapons and 5 tiles for bows).
  • A means attack range for archers. It’s almost the same as a mode, except you won’t attack mobs which are close to you.

4. Follow mode

Default key: [1] (num. pad)

Controls follow mode.


  • D default follow mode, like in mana client.
  • R relative follow. Character do only relative moves.
  • M mirror follow. Character move in opposite direction.
  • P pet follow. Character follows at distance which is set in Move to target distance.

5. Weapon switching mode

Default key: “g”

Allows your charater to switch weapon on attack, depending on distance to target.


  • D default mode, no switching.
  • s if target is within hand weapon range, character equips best knife. If target is more distant, character equips bow.
  • S if target is within hand weapon range, character wear best knife and best shield. If target is more distant, character equips bow.

6. Go Attack and pickup mode

Default key: “END”

Allows automatic move to the target and attack, auto-pick up of dropped items.


  • D default mode. no auto moves or pickups.
  • G go and attack mode. If target is out of range, character moves first to target and then attack it.
  • A pickup, go and attack mode. If target is out of range, character moves to target (at the distance set with 3rd option) and attacks it. If an item is on the ground within Pickup range (set with option 10), character moves to item and picks it up.
  • d works as D mode except auto target bug.

7. Magic attack

Default key: “,”

Sets magic attack to a given spell. Magic attack can used by use of magic attack key, default is b).


  • c #chiza,
  • i #ingrav,
  • f #frillyar,
  • u #upmarmu,
  • f #flar.

8. PvP option

Default key: unassigned

Sets your characters’ behaviour about PvP.

Options are:

  • d Attack nobody
  • a Attack everybody
  • f Don’t attack friends
  • b Attack bad relations

9. Drop counter

Default key: “i”

Controls how many items you can drop at once. See also drop party, drops window

Options: Possible values are 1 to 9.

10. Pickup range

Default key: “o”

Controls range whithin your character picks items up automatically while pressing X or Z key.

Options are:

  • S 1×1 tile
  • D 2×1 tiles
  • F 2×3 tiles
  • 3 3×3 tiles
  • g within 4 distance (in tiles unit)
  • G within 8 distance (in tiles unit)
  • A within max distance.

11. Map mode

Default key: “f”

Controls rendering map mode.


  • N normal mode.
  • D debug mode.
  • u ultra map view. Big object removed. Allow see items under most trees.
  • U ultra map view 2. Same as u and also remove upper map layers. This allow see all players or items on map.
  • e empty map mode (background and collision tiles)
  • b “back & white” mode (collision tiles)

12. Imitation mode

Default key: [4] (num. pad)

Controls how your character behaves in imitation mode.


  • D imitate orientation, sit, emotes.
  • O imitate orientation, sit, emotes, outfits.

13. Away mode

Default key: [2] (num. pad)

Switches away mode to ON. (it is equivalent to enter the /away command in chat line). You switch back to On line with the enter, Return keys or Space bar


  • O online.
  • A away mode on.

14 Game camera mode

Default key: [+] (num. pad)

  • G Game camera mode.
  • F Free camera mode. In this mode moving keys moving camera and not player.

15 Game Modifiers, Configuration lock

Default key: [8] (num. pad)

Toggles enabling of all keys which are used in options bar, except this one and [2] (away mode); thus locks or unlocks the options configuration.


  • When options are unlocked, Options bar is yellow.
  • When options are locked, Options bar is gray.