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Installation ManaPlus on ArchLinux from AUR

You can install ManaPlus from Arch User Repository by using yaourt or manually.

Installation using yaourt

  1. Install yaourt from AUR and sync database. ArchWiki article can help you with this.
  1. Run command
    $ yaourt manaplus

Select manaplus or manaplus-git package and follow the instructions.

Manual installation

  1. Download Tarball or PKGBUILD from AUR web interface: manaplus or manaplus-git package
  2. Extract tarball by running command
    tar xvzf <name>.tar.gz

    or create the folder and copy PKGBUILD into it

    mkdir <name>
    cp PKGBUILD <name>

    <name> is package name.

  3. Open directory
    cd <name>

    - Build and install package with all dependencies

    makepkg -s -i


  • You can’t have installed manaplus and manaplus-git at same time.