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 **MacOSX porting** **MacOSX porting**
-Philippe Groarke (Socapex) <>+Philippe Groarke (Socapex) <[email protected]>
 **Main development** **Main development**
Line 23: Line 23:
 Maarten Vanraes (AL13N) <​[email protected]>​ Maarten Vanraes (AL13N) <​[email protected]>​
-Mihail Barer (Necromonger) ​<>+Mihail Barer (Necromonger)
 ====== Translators ====== ====== Translators ======
Line 52: Line 52:
 Yohann Ferreira (Bertram) <​[email protected]>​ Yohann Ferreira (Bertram) <​[email protected]>​
 +(Alige) <​[email protected]>​
 **German** **German**
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 **Japanese** **Japanese**
-Candy <harajukucupcakes@gmail.com>+Candy <muffin@smoug.net>
 Mihail Barer (Necromonger) Mihail Barer (Necromonger)
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 Aline Ferraz de Souza (Freya) <​[email protected]>​ Aline Ferraz de Souza (Freya) <​[email protected]>​
 +Guilherme do Vale (Xtreem) <​[email protected]>​
 **Russian** **Russian**
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 The Mana Developers - http://​manasource.org/​ The Mana Developers - http://​manasource.org/​