Crazy Moves

A Crazy Move is the manaplus equivalent of the in most mmorpgs popular dance feature. Pushing an holding the crazy move shortkey (default: / ) makes your character spin, swirl run in circles or jump around. The crazy move type can be changed by using the appropriate shortkey (default: \). There are 9 hardcoded crazy moves, one is customizable, the yellow bar indicates it as (a).

(a) Customize your crazy move

You can also script your crazymove yourself, manaplus needs a crazymove string for this which you can enter into the appropriate input box in the miscellaneous tab in your manaplus settings.

Crazymove language

To customize your crazy move you need to come up with a string consisting of the following bits:

  • m (move, it requires an argument for direction)
    • u (up), l (left), r (right), d(down)
    • ? (one random of the above)
    • f (one step in the direction your character is facing)
    • b (one step backwards)
  • d (changes the chars direction, doesnt move to another tile, requires an argument for which direction to face)
    • u (up), l (left), r(right), d(down)
    • L (left turn), R (right turn)
    • b (turn to the other side)
  • d (drop)
    • 0 (from first slot)
    • a (from any slot)
  • p (pickup, doesn’t require an argument)
  • s (sit, toggles sitting, so it’s stand for a sitting character and sit for a standing character, doesn’t require an argument)
  • o (change outfit, requires an argument)
    • n (next outfit)
    • p (previous outfit)
  • w (pause, no argument required)
  • e (emote, requires an argument)
    • 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, a, b, c, d (not quite clear which is which here)
    • ? a random emote from the above
Example: Spinning ("Copter Move")

There are two ways to realize a left spin, either turn in every direction hardcoded:


or use the soft and shorter method:

Enabling it in manaplus
  1. Open the settings window
  2. Select the Miscellaneous Tab
  3. find the input box for your Crazy Move
  4. insert your custom string
  5. push the “change” button next to that input box
  6. apply your changes in the settings and close it
  7. if not done yet, change your Crazy move type to (a) and you are done

(1 - 9) Predefined Crazy Moves

(1) Diamond Makes the character run in a diamond shape, changing it’s faceing direction.
(2) reverse Diamond The same as (1) but clock-wise.
(3) Warping Character jumps in a diamond shape, it’s face always downwards.
(4) Horizontal Strolling Character walks from left to right and back repeatedly. (this can also deal with obstacles)
(5) Vertical Strolling Same as (4) but up ↔ down.
(6) Circle Character walks anti-clock wise in a medium sized circle.
(7) tiny Circle Character walks clockwise in a small diameter circle.
(8) small square Move Character walks anti-clockwise in a square shape.
(9) rabbit move Character leaps into the facing direction.