Debugger in windows

What is debugger and why it need

Debugger need if your manaplus crashing and you want to help detect why it happend.

How to install debugger?

In manaplus installer select “Create shortcuts” and “Debugger” options.

and install manaplus.

It will create shorcut ManaPlus (debug).

How to use debugger?

  • Close existing manaplus copies.
  • Start shortcut ManaPLus (debug).

  • Type run and press enter.

It start normal game.

After some thing wrong happend, game will be freezed and you must return to debugger window.

In this window type: bt

Now you will see stack trace.

Copy this stack trace for example to and give link to it in irc ( channel #manaplus) or in game to player 4144.

How to copy text from debugger window to clipboard

  • Right click on debugger window header.
  • Select in menu edit / Mark.

  • Then select with left mouse button text what you want to copy.

  • Press enter

Now you have text in clipboard and can copy it to