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 {{:​resize.png|Window resize}} {{:​resize.png|Window resize}}
-Also most windows have sticky button, ​what can allow block window moving and resizing.+Most windows have sticky button ​{{:​sticky.png|Sticky button}}that blocks ​window moving and resizing ​when it is set to locked.
-{{:​sticky.png|Sticky button}} 
 ======Keyboard====== ======Keyboard======
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 ======Chat====== ======Chat======
 In chat you can write messages to: In chat you can write messages to:
-  * [[PublicChat|Public ​chat]] +  * [[PublicChat|Public ​tab]] 
-  * [[TradeChat|Trade ​chat]] +  * [[DebugChat|Debug tab]] 
-  * [[PartyChat|Party ​chat]] +  * [[TradeChat|Trade ​tab]] 
-  * [[Whispers|Whispers]]+  * [[PartyChat|Party ​tab]] 
 +  * [[GuildChat|Guild tab]] 
 +  * [[Whispers|Whisper tabs]]
 Also you can use many different [[ChatCommands|Chat commands]]. Also you can use many different [[ChatCommands|Chat commands]].
 ======Other====== ======Other======
 +**[[Known_Unsolved_issues|Known Unsolved issues]]**
 [[PacketLimiterFix|Packet limiter Fix]] [[PacketLimiterFix|Packet limiter Fix]]
 [[SlowPC|Slow PC]] [[SlowPC|Slow PC]]
 +[[http://​www.auldsbel.org/​4144-client-manaplus-basics/​|ManaPlus basics by tarq]]
 ======Links====== ======Links======
 See also [[bars]], [[yellowbar|yellow bar]] See also [[bars]], [[yellowbar|yellow bar]]