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Line 10: Line 10:
   <monster id="​0"​ name="​Piou"​ targetCursor="​small"​ walkType="​fly">​   <monster id="​0"​ name="​Piou"​ targetCursor="​small"​ walkType="​fly">​
     <​sprite>​monsters/​piou.xml</​sprite>​     <​sprite>​monsters/​piou.xml</​sprite>​
-    <sound event="​die">​monsters/​piou/​die1.ogg</​sound>​+    <sound event="​die" delay="​10">​monsters/​piou/​die1.ogg</​sound>​
     <sound event="​hit">​monsters/​piou/​hit1.ogg</​sound>​     <sound event="​hit">​monsters/​piou/​hit1.ogg</​sound>​
     <sound event="​hurt">​monsters/​piou/​hurt1.ogg</​sound>​     <sound event="​hurt">​monsters/​piou/​hurt1.ogg</​sound>​
Line 21: Line 21:
     <​sprite>​monsters/​piou.xml</​sprite>​     <​sprite>​monsters/​piou.xml</​sprite>​
     <​sprite>​accessories/​piousse-egg.xml</​sprite>​     <​sprite>​accessories/​piousse-egg.xml</​sprite>​
 +    <​particlefx>​graphics/​particles/​wisp.particle.xml</​particlefx>​
   </​monster>​   </​monster>​
 </​monsters>​ </​monsters>​
Line 44: Line 45:
 |colors|monster colors palette name| |only for Evol| |colors|monster colors palette name| |only for Evol|
 |walkType|monster walk type|walk|Known types: walk, fly, swim, walkswim| |walkType|monster walk type|walk|Known types: walk, fly, swim, walkswim|
 +===== sound tag =====
 +Describe different sounds on different monster events.
 +Eent attribute describe events:
 +^ name ^ description ^ comment ^
 +|hit|monster hit target| |
 +|miss|monster miss on target| |
 +|hurt|monster hurt|probably unused|
 +|die|monster died| |
 +|move|monster move|probably unused|
 +|sit|monster sit|unused|
 +|sittop|monster sit on top tile|unused|
 +|spawn|monster spawn| |
 +Delay describe delay between start hit/miss sounds and hurt/die sounds. This need to separate attack and attack result sound in time.
 +Default delay is 0. This mean hit/miss and hurt/die sounds played at same time.
 +===== attack tag =====
 +This tag describe attack effects (particle or/and sound) by id from file [[effects.xml]]
 +Attack attributes:
 +^ name ^ description ^ default value ^
 +|id|attack id|0|
 +|effect-id|particle effect id for moving attack object like arrows|effectId from [[paths.xml]]|
 +|hit-effect-id|particle effect id for normal hit to target|hitEffectId from [[paths.xml]]|
 +|critical-hit-effect-id|particle effect id for critical hit to target|criticalHitEffectId from [[paths.xml]]|
 +|miss-effect-id|particle effect id if hit is missed to target|missEffectId from [[paths.xml]]|
 +|action|attack sprite action|attack|
 +|missile-particle|moving object particle effect| |
 +===== particlefx tag =====
 +This tag describe persistend monster particle effect.
 +See also: [[effects.xml]],​ [[paths.xml]]