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monsters.xml file format

This file describe monsters.

Example file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <monster id="0" name="Piou" targetCursor="small" walkType="fly">
    <sound event="die">monsters/piou/die1.ogg</sound>
    <sound event="hit">monsters/piou/hit1.ogg</sound>
    <sound event="hurt">monsters/piou/hurt1.ogg</sound>
    <sound event="hurt">monsters/piou/hurt2.ogg</sound>
    <sound event="miss">monsters/piou/miss1.ogg</sound>
    <sound event="spawn">monsters/piou/spawn1.ogg</sound>
    <attack id="1" effect-id="400"/>
  <monster id="1" name="Piousse" targetCursor="small">

Each monster tag describe separate monster

monster tag

Parameter Description default value Comment
idmonster id0
namemonster nameunnamed
maxHPfixed max hp0for old servers only
targetCursorselection cursor sizemediumpossible values: small, medium, large
targetSelectionis monster can be selectedtrue
hoverCursorcursor over monsterattackpossible values see here
targetOffsetXselection cursor offset by x0
targetOffsetYselection cursor offset by y0
nameOffsetXmonster name offset by x0
nameOffsetYmonster name offset by y0
sortOffsetYmonster drawing order offset by y0
deadSortOffsetYmonster drawing order offset by y if monster is dead31
colorsmonster colors palette name only for Evol
walkTypemonster walk typewalkKnown types: walk, fly, swim, walkswim