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-===== Arch Linux PKGBUILD =====+====== Arch Linux PKGBUILD ​======
   - First of all, ensure the "​base-devel"​ group is installed.   - First of all, ensure the "​base-devel"​ group is installed.
-  - Download **[[http://​download.evolonline.org/​manaplus/​download/​manaplus.tar.bz2|ManaPlus Source Code]]** +  - 
-    ​- ​Extract sources: <​code>​+    ​* [[http://​download.evolonline.org/​manaplus/​download/​manaplus.tar.bz2|Download]] ManaPlus source code: <​code>​ 
 +wget http://​download.evolonline.org/​manaplus/​download/​manaplus.tar.bz2</​code> ​Extract sources: <​code>​
 $ tar xvf manaplus.tar.bz2</​code>​ $ tar xvf manaplus.tar.bz2</​code>​
-    ​- You can also make a copy with the latest ​updates Gitorious:<​code>​+    ​* Or use latest ​version from git: <​code>​
 git clone git://​gitorious.org/​manaplus/​manaplus.git</​code>​ git clone git://​gitorious.org/​manaplus/​manaplus.git</​code>​
   - Open directory: <​code>​   - Open directory: <​code>​
 $ cd manaplus</​code>​ $ cd manaplus</​code>​
-  ​- Build and make ManaPlus package: <​code>​ +  - Build and install ManaPlus: <​code>​
-$ makepkg</​code>​ +
-    ​- Build and install ManaPlus: <​code>​+
 $ makepkg -i</​code>​ $ makepkg -i</​code>​
-    ​You can download ​the dependencies,​ build and install (all in one):<​code>​+  ​Or download dependencies,​ build and install (all in one):<​code>​
 $ makepkg -i -s</​code>​ $ makepkg -i -s</​code>​
-    - Or install all the dependencies listed by the terminal manually.+ 
 +===== See also ===== 
 +[[http://​manaplus.freya.mobi/​|ManaPlus Arch Linux repository]]