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 Themes allow change game feel and look. Themes allow change game feel and look.
-//​screenshort here//+{{:​themes1.jpg|}}{{:​themes2.jpg|}}
-Predefined themes: +=====Predefined themes===== 
-  * Default ​look like old tmw client. [[themes/default|screen]]+  * BlackWood ​theme created by player Lien. [[themes/blackwood|screen]]
   * Classic - look like old tmw, but with some fixes. [[themes/​classic|screen]]   * Classic - look like old tmw, but with some fixes. [[themes/​classic|screen]]
-  * Enchilado - theme created by player ​enchilado [[themes/​enchilado|screen]] +  ​* Default - look like old tmw client. [[themes/​default|screen]] 
-  * Red - theme with red color. ​ [[themes/​red|screen]] +  ​* Enchilado - theme created by player ​Enchilado. [[themes/​enchilado|screen]] 
-  * Wood - wood look and feel.  [[themes/​wood|screen]]+  * Pink - theme create by player Freya. [[themes/​pink|screen]] 
 +  * Red - theme with red color. [[themes/​red|screen]] 
 +  * Wood - wood look and feel. [[themes/​wood|screen]] 
 +=====Selecting theme===== 
 +You can select any included theme in [[themeswindow|setup / theme]] window.
 +See also [[themeswindow|Themes Window]]
 +Theme internals: [[themes:​windows|windows]],​ [[themes:​window.xml|configuration file]], [[themes:​files|files list]]