Compile in Ubuntu

It is recommended that you install from the repository or a nightly version, but if you still want to compile you can with these instructions.

  1. Install dependencies:
    sudo apt-get build-dep manaplus
  2. Make a directory:
    mkdir manaplus
  3. Open the directory:
    cd manaplus
  4. Download client sources:
  5. Extract sources:
    tar xvJf manaplus.tar.xz
  6. Open subdir:
    cd manaplus*
  7. Update make file:
    autoreconf -i
  8. Compile:
  9. Install:
    sudo make install
  10. Uninstall.
    If you want, you can unstall game by running this command:
    sudo make uninstall
  11. Now you can run game by selecting Applications \ Games \ ManaPlus.

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