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-====== Installation ​in Windows ======+====== Installation ​under Windows ======
-====== Before installation ​====== +=====Before installation===== 
-After downloading the last .exe file, double click on it, and this windows will come+Download client [[http://​download.evolonline.org/​manaplus/​download/​manaplus-win32.exe|here]] ​and save in your disk.
-{{:​install_1.jpg|}}+Now, you can start to install. To do that, go to download directory and run executable file downloaded.
-1 is the place where in your computer ​the client is+// 
 +  * If you are Windows 7 user, you will need to provide administrator permissions. To do this, you must start the installer by right-clicking on the installer and select "Run as administrator"​. 
 +  * You might display a security warning to run the installer, give to Run and continue the installation.
-Click on **Run** 
-======First screen====== ​ 
-click **Next**.+=====Select your language===== 
 +Choose the language for installation program.
-======Accept the license====== +{{:windowsinstaller_1.png|}}
-Click **Accept**.+Click on **OK**.
-======Directory selection ​screen======  +=====Welcome ​screen===== 
-By default it will be installed in the folder shown in 1 +{{windowsinstaller_2.png|}}
- +
-If you want to change it choose with 2+
 Click on **Next**. Click on **Next**.
-{{:install_4.jpg|}}+=====Accept the license===== 
-======Choose the component to install====== +Read license and click on **I Agree**.
-Description of each apears ​on right side+
-  - Create shorcuts. +=====Select installation directory===== 
-  - Music. +By default it is installed in the directory shown following((Remember,​ you must have write permissions in the directory ​you select. If you have not, click on **Cancel** and restart installer ​with administrator permissions. In Windows 7this is accomplished by right-clicking the executable and select **Run as administrator**. You may need to provide another user with administrator credentials.)).
-  - Portable. //Note: if you update your version don'​t ​select ​portable if you want to get your client running ​with your customs setting (windows location, outfitsshorcuts, spells, etc)// +
-  ​Translation.+
-Click on **Next**.+{{:​windowsinstaller_4.png|}}
-{{:​install_5.jpg|}}+You can change it by typing the path directly or click **Browse ...**.
-======Installation progress screen====== 
 Click on **Next**. Click on **Next**.
-{{:install_6.jpg|}}+=====Choose the components to install===== 
 +select the components you want to install. Description of each apears on right side:  
 +Activa las casillas para seleccionar los componentes:​ 
 +  * Create shorcuts. 
 +  * The Mana World music. 
 +  * Portable. ((If you update your version don't select portable if you want to get your client running with your customs setting: windows location, outfits, shorcuts, spells, etc.)) 
 +  * Debugger. 
 +  * Profiler. 
 +  * Evol Online music. 
 +  * Evol Online shorcuts. 
 +  * Translations. 
 +Click on **Install**. 
 +=====Installation progress screen===== 
 +=====Final screen===== 
 +ManaPlus is now installed completely. 
 +By default, after the installer finish and exits, **"​Readme"​** file is open and run **Manaplus**. Deselect the checkboxs if you want to change this behavior.  
 +Click on **Finish** to complete the installer. 
 +**ManaPlus is now installed! Have fun experimenting last features on ManaPlus.** 
-Have fun experimenting last features on Manaplus