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Installation with Windows

after downloading the last .exe files

double click on it
this windows will come

1 is the place where in your computer the client is
clic on Run

first page of windows installer presenting to you the program installation

clic on Next

Accept the license

Choose directory folder to install manaplus

by default it will be installed in the folder shown in 1
if you want to change it choose with 2
Click on Next

Choose the component to install\\ Description of each apears on right side

  1. Create shorcuts
  2. Music
  3. Portable Note: if you update your version don’t select portable if you want to get your client running with your customs setting (windows localisation, outfits, shorcuts, spells…)
  4. Translation

Click on Next

Installing folders and files

Click on next

Have fun experimenting last features on Manaplus